04 Apr 2014

Sindhu + Nesia SDE

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02 Feb 2014

Tania Birthday Surprise

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Tania is a very fun, lovely, and romantic girl. Her boyfriend birthday is coming up and she asked me to make a video for his surprise. We had a lot of fun in the filming process. We both had no idea how to make a good cream for garnish on top of the cake. We tried several ways and fortunately after some failed experiment, we made it. The production was smooth, we had some awesome locations that were very glad to have us shooting for the establishments so that made things a lot less stressful.

I learned that happiness is a choice you make everyday when you wake up. As you open your eyes each day, decide to be happy today. And then, nothing can bring you down. Another wisdom drawn out.

Have a nice day, cheers :)

13 Jan 2014

Gogo & Evy Wedding Highlight

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Gogo and Evy’s wedding is one of those phenomenal weddings. They are both great people, and they are even greater together. Evy looked stunning and Gogo looked at her with adoring eyes. Their gazes met and there it was, the unmistakable look of love.

When I first met Evy, I felt she was a bit scary. But as time passed by, that first impression was gone, it turns out that she is very sweet and kind. While Gogo, her husband, is patient, cute, and very fun. It was such a pleasure to capture their wedding because it was filled with the faces of people who loves them. The sweet smiles that she reserved just for him and their warm embraces are just some of the expressions I got to feel and capture on the day. It was such a pleasure to capture. Even after their event has passed, they have become more than the people who hired me to capture the biggest moment in their lives. They have become my friends.

I hope you enjoy this Same Day Edit as much as I have making it!

Congratulations again to Gogo and Evy and may your journey be forever sweet. :)

17 Dec 2013

Robin & Cherry Wedding Trailer

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Beautiful couple!

Robin and Cherry are both from Australia, and they celebrate their wedding in Bali.
We knew from the first time,
they have been an absolute joy to spend time with,
Robin & Cherry prepared the whole party so beautifully that we can’t help smiling and enjoying our time as the whole party goes. Time went by so fast, i can tell you that!
Such an honour for us to be able to capture your moment.

Thanks so much one more time Robin and Cherry for having us as part of your life. 😀

10 Dec 2013

Hidayat & Christina SDE

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For the past few weddings,  we’re always try to make the best SDE we can for our lovely couples. But this time, we got to be the one of the most challenging weddings we’ve ever covered.

Hidayat and Christina wedding was held in Majapahit Hotel. The holy matrimony was started at 04.00 pm – 05.30 pm, and the SDE must be done @ 7.30 pm. Credit to us for that since this was actually a tight call for us. We’ve worked with our blood sweat and tears all the way through. And despite of all the limitations presented to us during that day, we fought tooth and nail just to present our SDE on time, and at the end..everything was all worth it.Such a relieve, our very gorgeous bride and our very charming groom made all our hard work worth it.

We love you guyz. And now we are pleased as punch to present to you our latest SDE especially made for Hidayat and Christina. Cheers!

18 Nov 2013

Tiew Kai & Joana Wedding Trailer

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Tiew Kai and Joana come from two different worlds. They live in the same country and yet they grew up separated by culture. Tiew Kai is from Malaysia while Joana is from Indonesia. But they eventually crossed paths and found themselves a home in each other’s hearts. Joana is what everyone who knows her will describe as cute. She’s sweet and innocent and speaks with a voice that just immediately warms your heart. Tiew Kai is a quiet man, calm and reserved, and very much in love with his bride to be. Tiew Kai and Joana are just perfect for each other. Their wedding was beautiful and we all had a fabulous time.

It is always such a joy to take part in a moment so beautiful where a couple in love embark on a journey towards their forever. Tiew Kai and Joana, I wish you all the best that marriage could bring you. I pray that marriage brings you the sweet and the tasty, and that you will find the comfort in each other’s arms through the bitter and the sour.

Congratulations once again!  Together both of you make such a beautiful couple and I wish you both the very best on this new journey. Cheers :)

09 Nov 2013

Redi & Wulan Pre Wedding Clip

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Sometimes in order to get the best video, editing alone is not enough. Videographers like us also need to plan out some shots in order to achieve and compliment the editing of the video.
Redi and Wulan’s is one great example. Since they chose indie alternative rock song to accompany their video, we already had some ideas on how to shoot some of the parts fot their pre-wedding.

It was a very hot, sweaty, and dusty feeling during the shoot, but since Wulan is a fashion model, she is very good in act and making it easier for us in shooting. There were a little problem when there was an engine part of Redi’s favorite car, Holden Impala, broke but no one could stop these two to continue the filming process. And we know for a fact that they truly belong to each other.
So may we share this wondering feeling with you guys as we unfold another heartstory. :)