31 Oct 2013

Harbin Paiton Chinese New Year Greeting

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This is another one of our big project in addition to wedding video. Harbin Electric International CO.LTD or called HE is a power plants company that originated from Northeast China which is engaged in the manufacture of coal. They have some great projects scattered throughout the world. Every few years, coinciding with the chinese new year, they are required to demonstrate to the central company in china, the extent to which the work of each project that has been achieved by each of their branches from several countries. This opportunity was used by the head of project manager in charge of the project to show off by making a video as good as possible so that they can show it to their other HE friends whose work in another countries about the process and results.

We want to say thank you so much for their trust in us for making this video and we are very gratefull, it turned out they were happy with the results. :)

20 Oct 2013

HITZ Precise Behind The Scenes Photoshoot

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Week after week we have been giving wedding treats and as much as we love doing our job sometimes it hits us to try something NEW..something DIFFERENT..something MORE! So, when Moch and Studio Adventure offered us a great opportunity to made a behind the scenes video, we grabbed it and took it to the next level. I truly appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to work with them in making a BTS videoshoot for a shoes brand named ‘Precise’ with a boyband called ‘HITZ’ as our models. It was very nice to work with Moch Photography since he has a great sense of humour which always made us laugh so hard.

So here is a behind the scenes video in the process of the photoshoot that we take. We hope u like it. Enjoy..


10 Oct 2013

Erwan & Titien Wedding Trailer

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For months we have constantly been challenging ourselves to reinvent our style, create a new image, squeeze our minds for creative juices and face unbounded territories just to produce and give our couples what they deserve..nothing but the best! We know how important the wedding day is for the couple especially for the bride.

Thank you so much to Erwan and Titien for sharing their wonderful moments with us, they’re such a great couple. At first, we did not think that behind the greatness of his basketball skills, Erwan is someone whose very patient and very funny while Titien is a lovely lady, very cheerful, pleasant and always made our shooting scene in such a fun atmosphere. Every time we review what we had, brilliant ideas keep coming in. It’s amazing how people in love are inspire us.

Congratulations Erwan & Titien, we love u both. :)