10 Dec 2013

Hidayat & Christina SDE

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For the past few weddings,  we’re always try to make the best SDE we can for our lovely couples. But this time, we got to be the one of the most challenging weddings we’ve ever covered.

Hidayat and Christina wedding was held in Majapahit Hotel. The holy matrimony was started at 04.00 pm – 05.30 pm, and the SDE must be done @ 7.30 pm. Credit to us for that since this was actually a tight call for us. We’ve worked with our blood sweat and tears all the way through. And despite of all the limitations presented to us during that day, we fought tooth and nail just to present our SDE on time, and at the end..everything was all worth it.Such a relieve, our very gorgeous bride and our very charming groom made all our hard work worth it.

We love you guyz. And now we are pleased as punch to present to you our latest SDE especially made for Hidayat and Christina. Cheers!

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