18 Nov 2013

Tiew Kai & Joana Wedding Trailer

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Tiew Kai and Joana come from two different worlds. They live in the same country and yet they grew up separated by culture. Tiew Kai is from Malaysia while Joana is from Indonesia. But they eventually crossed paths and found themselves a home in each other’s hearts. Joana is what everyone who knows her will describe as cute. She’s sweet and innocent and speaks with a voice that just immediately warms your heart. Tiew Kai is a quiet man, calm and reserved, and very much in love with his bride to be. Tiew Kai and Joana are just perfect for each other. Their wedding was beautiful and we all had a fabulous time.

It is always such a joy to take part in a moment so beautiful where a couple in love embark on a journey towards their forever. Tiew Kai and Joana, I wish you all the best that marriage could bring you. I pray that marriage brings you the sweet and the tasty, and that you will find the comfort in each other’s arms through the bitter and the sour.

Congratulations once again!  Together both of you make such a beautiful couple and I wish you both the very best on this new journey. Cheers :)

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